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Learn how to defend yourself while getting fit in a fun environment!

Our Adult and Teen Jiu-Jitsu is a program for all skill levels, ages, and genders! It’s developed to teach you essential life skills while getting the best workout of your life.


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    Meet the Owners

    At Precision Martial Arts

    black Belt

    Josh Kennon

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    Josh is a black belt with 12 years of Jiu Jitsu training across the globe. He began training BJJ in his home town of Jackson, MS but found his first home team in Oxford,MS where he went on to co-found 662 Jiu Jitsu with SoulFighter's black belt Mike Laborde.

    Josh also trained catch-wrestling and boxing while attending the International University of Moscow and again when he returned to Russia for work, and he loves to incorporate techniques from catch into his classes.

    Josh teaches the kids martial arts program and morning jiu jitsu classes at our gym in Flowood.

    Black Belt

    Anthony Mitchell

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    Anthony Mitchell is a third-degree black belt who has been training for over 15 years. Starting out in MMA, 4-1 amateur and 3-0 pro, he started to focus strictly on Jiu-Jitsu as tournaments became more frequent.

    He first opened his own Academy in Ridgeland, MS. In 2020 he opened a separate location in Flowood with business partner Josh Kennon. Anthony soon decided to move the original Academy to a bigger and nicer location in Madison, MS. He and Jeremy Umphries are partners at that new location, Precision Martial Arts Gluckstadt.

    In August of 2021, Anthony achieved a lifelong dream of Medaling at an IBJJF Major when he took silver at the Pan Ams in Orlando Florida. Some of Anthony’s other martial arts accomplishments include 15x IBJJF Gold Medalist, 2x New Orleans Fight 2 Win Pro Champion, 13x AGF Blackbelt Champion, Kakuto Blackbelt Masters Invitational Champion, and AGF Head Referee.

    Our Programs

    Classes for all Training Levels


    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

    Fundamental classes are for the first day student or avid practitioner. Learn the basics while establishing a fundamental understanding of self defense.


    Grappling and submission wrestling Classes

    Advanced Level classes are for those wanting to branch out and learn the newest most innovative techniques, or those who just want to get a good workout and challenge themselves.



    You want to be prepared for difficult or confrontational situations

    You struggle to find motivation to get fit and be active

    You want to expand your friend group and meet new people

    You could benifit from a boost of confidence to live life to the fullest

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    Staying in shape doesn’t have to be hard

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the perfect way to get in shape and have fun at the same time. It’s a great workout that will leave you feeling accomplished, challenged, and energized all day long. And it’s not just for people who want to fight – it can be used as self-defense too!

    You don’t have to be an athlete or martial artist to enjoy this sport. Anyone can do it – from kids to adults of any age or size.

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    Studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can help you get in the best  physical shape of your life, and it trains your mind to fully process information before reacting and making a decision. All of our students can testify to the immense benefits training jiu jitsu has brought to their daily life. Every class results in an improvement!

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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is designed to help you overcome your fears and build strength and agility both of which are helpful in self-defense situations. When you train at our gym you learn everything from handling larger/stronger opponents, basic moves like arm bars, chokes, armbars, escapes and much more so that when it comes time for real life self-defense scenarios, you know what to do.

    Plus we have an amazing community of people who will support you every step of the way on your journey towards becoming confident in your own abilities.

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    BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU is not just a cardio workout

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the perfect workout because it combines cardiovascular training with toning, resistance training, and muscle building. Train your heart and breathing while managing the weight of your partner.

    It’s also a great way to burn calories, so you can lose weight while getting into great shape.

    You’ll learn what your body is capable of and have fun doing it!

    Teen/Adult Jiu-Jitsu - Photo Sep 22 7 14 46 PM scaled

    Get ready to Level up

    When you know how to leverage your body and mind to accomplish things you never thought possible, over time, it increases self-confidence and pride – which carries over into work, home, and every area of your personal life.

    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into any situation and having the understanding that you can overcome it. Discipline, patience, strength, agility, coordination, and skill are all drivers of someone who has a strong self-confidence.

    Hurtis JeRon Tullos
    Hurtis JeRon Tullos
    As a surgeon I dreaded the idea of trying a diff gym when i finished residency. My hands are my livelihood at this point. I don’t laud the title around but I still like safe competitive rolls and I still wanted to train when I went home before fellowship. Came across this place and happy I did. Rolled with belts of every color and never felt a sense of ego exuded. Learned a lot in a short period on de la riva options right after I was tapped from back take and choke from one of the black belts. I say that to say very approachable authorities on the techniques. Clean and newer facilities as well if that’s your thing. Overall highly recommend!
    Ryan Kirchhoff
    Ryan Kirchhoff
    Fun, great environment, packed with talent, clean, incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.
    Tawanna Austin
    Tawanna Austin
    My teenage son LOVES this gym! He is excited to go each day. He learns something at each class! He has invited so many friends & family to join. We are so thankful that he is a member!
    Zachary Perry
    Zachary Perry
    Love it. Great place to train. Great environment for newcomers. Everyone is willing to help you learn!
    Chase Cage
    Chase Cage
    Great place to train with great people! I look forward to rolling soon!!!
    Tony Alford
    Tony Alford
    Great place to train jiu jitsu. Friendly environment that can be as competitive or as relaxed as you want it to be. Great activity to get in shape or start competing. Great facility, location and instructors.
    David Smith
    David Smith
    My two kids and I have been training at Percision Flowood for almost a month now and have had a great experience there. Lots of space and good instruction. ??
    Matthew Wolfe
    Matthew Wolfe
    Great and knowledgeable instructors and a welcoming atmosphere.

    Personalized Coaching

    Fun training environment


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      By opting into the web form above you are providing consent for Precision Martial Arts Flowood to send you periodic text messages. Standard rates may apply. You can reply HELP at anytime or learn more. You may opt-out anytime by replying STOP.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I need any martial arts training to study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

      No, you don’t. Our classes are structured to include beginners and experts. We help you adjust to everything and are here to help guide you along your journey.

      Do I need any special equipment to train?

      For Gi classes, you would need a Gi (two-piece garment available for purchase). For no-gi classes typically you’d wear athletic shorts or leggings and a rashguard or athletic shirt. Mouthguards are not mandatory but some students like to wear them.

      Do I need to spar when I just start?
      Not if you don’t want to. We focus on safety and training techniques first. Once you are ready you can participate in controlled sparring. 
      Do I learn self-defense doing Jiu Jitsu?
      Yes, you do. Jiu-jitsu has been proven to be one of the most effective methods for self-defense without using a weapon. You learn how to handle any situation mentally and physically against opponents of any size, age, and gender,
      Can Jiu Jitsu help me loose weight?
      It defiantly can. You will burn a lot of calories during class and if you combine that with healthy eating habits your results will exponentially increase. Those who practice Jiu Jitsu tend to make healthy life choices and being around a culture life that improves your overall health.


      1.Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a very effective form of exercise that relieves stress and anxiety. 

      2.You’ll improve your core strength, flexibility and endurance while helping you learn self defense!

      3.Your cardiovascular health will improve as your blood flow improves and you gain greater muscle strength/stamina.

      4.Training jiu-jitsu encourages the mind-body connection, improves concentration and overall discipline.


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